I’m the latest member of the SeBPRA team, joining in March this year having responded to a cry for help! I now deal with DogsBlog, Pets4Homes and completing all the documentation for our lovely dogs coming over from Spain.  My husband Roy and I currently have 3 setters which we have adopted from SeBPRA ; Len, Triki (our failed foster) and Lara (Larraitz).   I was brought up with GSD’s, my parents having had Sheena before I was born.  I was introduced to English Setters when a friend of mine who lived in France, rescued a 6 week old pup who had been abandoned by her hunter in aRead More →

Tessa I started helping with SeBPRA in 2018, as I was determined to help the Brittanys that ended up in rescue shelters in Spain, often for years. Having a Brittany myself, I know they are sensitive, intelligent and enthusiastic dogs that love to be involved in everything, not dogs to be left in a kennel. I could not rehome them all myself, so I offered to help find them homes. Since then I have also looked after pointer adoptions and learnt much about the many pointer breeds and dog behaviour in general.Many years ago at school, we had a career tests which claimed to workRead More →

Having been involved with trying to help stray cats on holidays in Spain, I had a feeling when I moved to Asturias, Spain, to live in August 2012 that helping animals would be a feature of my new life here.  I wasn’t wrong!  By early 2013 (after rescuing two street kittens) I had been invited to a rehoming dogs event by friends,  I had managed not to come back with a carful as I’d feared but I had met Choco, a stunning, 18-month old German Shorthaired Pointer and had found out that many gundogs are slung out in Spain and stand very limited chance of finding homes here. IRead More →

Having had setters my whole life, I was shocked to hear that so many are abandoned each year in Spain and other countries by their hunters. We adopted Remy, a blind Gordon Setter through Pepe and she joined our setter pack in late 2017. Having an Irish, English and Gordon setter I may be biased, but they really are a wonderful breed that I couldn’t imagine living without and I know a lot of our adopters would agree! Adopting Remy taught me more than I thought I would ever need to know about dogs and it never seems to stop! I soon starting helping SeBPRARead More →

I first became aware of SeBPRA in November 2017 when we adopted our first rescue dog, Remy, a blind Gordon Setter. At this point I wasn’t even aware there were Setters in Spain, until I received a text one lunchtime, and straight away we decided we should adopt her as we felt we had a great setup for her. Later that night we were on the phone to Pepe and the rest is history. Remy slotted straight into our pack with Mack (Irish Setter) and Alf (English Setter). She is an inspiring little creature as despite everything she has been through she has a realRead More →