German Pointer cross, 2 Years Old

This very special boy who we think has German Pointer and Podenco in him, was handed in to an awful pound where the intention was to put him to sleep since he was extremely thin and ill-looking. Without any veterinary care but just through sheer determination he got himself fit and well. He’s been waiting in the pound for a long time and was nearing the top of the list to be put to sleep when we were asked to help. He is now safe and in Conchi’s shelter (thanks to our lovely monthly donors) and is doing really well. We were told he is very scared but he isn’t, he’s a little timid with all the changes but he’s already wagging his tail and adores people, ignores dogs who aren’t very friendly towards him. After all he’s been through it’s just amazing he’s so well-balanced and happy. I really hope he finds a wonderful home soon.