Irish Setter, 2 Years Old

Brodie is a 2 year old Irish setter, DOB 23.08.17

Brodie was rescued from an awful pound and she’s staying at one of the shelters we work closely with in the north of Spain. Her stay is being funded by our lovely adopters.

We originally thought she might have lived with a family since Irish setters are rarely used for hunting where she is from and sadly families often leave their dogs in pounds if they no longer want them. When the shelter picked her up, she was really skinny and they soon realised the poor girl had a lot of internal worms so we’re not sure what her background is but she’s definitely not had the easiest ride so far!

The shelter say she’s an absolutely marvellous dog, a 10/10! She’s just wonderful and she gets on well with all the dogs she has met at the shelter so far.

Despite her rough start to life, she’s a very balanced girl. She’s calm and loyal and obedient in the shelter. She doesn’t even pull on her lead at the minute but this may change when she gets more confident. You can see in the photos that the world is still scary and new to her so she needs an adopter with the time and patience to build up her confidence. She’s extremely affectionate and just adores people so she will return the favour with plenty of love!

She’s sharing a run with Chico at the minute who she gets on really well with. The shelter say she is a real gem!

Brodie & Perry
Brodie & Chico
Brodie & Perry