Female Brittany 9 Years old

Brisa is a female nine year old Brittany, date of birth 08/04/2012.

Brisa arrived at the shelter on 9th August 2021. The first night she was left in the shelter Brisa managed to escape from her kennel and she scaled two fences and disappeared from a shelter that no dog had escaped from in over ten years. The hunter confirmed she could climb and he helped the search for her. Over the following weeks there were social media campaigns and search parties, and absolutely no sign of Brisa. Finally some seven weeks later she appeared in the fields beside the shelter, she had not gone far at all. She was brought back to the shelter and checked over, amazingly she was fit and healthy. She must have been very scared and been hiding in the fields, no doubt aware of the people searching for her.

Brisa is a very good natured dog, a real sweet heart. She is quite nervous, but she is very affectionate with people, she loves being fussed although she is initially very shy.

Brisa gets long extremely well with male and female dogs.

We think Brisa panicked about being shut alone in a new place, and this led to her escape. She obviously hated being shut in alone in an unknown place (who can blame her?) and this should be avoided in her new home. Her adopter will also have to realise that Brisa is an extremely capable climber despite her age, she will be able to get out of the garden if she panics and feels she must. So she will want an adopter who is patient, has time for her and who is around most of the time.

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