Bear pointer cross 1 yr

Bear is a really lovely one year old GSP cross in UK foster, he is not much more than a big pup. Some of you will remember him with his sister (Ben and Gertie) when they were rescued in Spain and brought over to loving homes in the uk. Very sadly Bear’s family have been through some tough times over the last year and now need to let him go. This has caused much heartache as he is very loved, but it is for his own good.

Bear is a lovely pointer cross, he is very friendly and affectionate, he has had lots of puppy training, walks well on the lead, but recall is not yet reliable and needs some work. Bear loves people and dogs, he can be exuberant and bouncy, like a very big puppy. He can be lovingly goofy at times and has a lovely nature, he is a big gentle giant, a true softy.

He is also a fantastic running buddy, he is doing some local runs with his foster mum and is doing brilliantly.

In his adoptive home he lived with a young family and another dog and was great, but he is very bouncy and would knock over younger children. In his foster home he is living with a very dog-savvy cat and he is beginning to learn that cats can be friends.. but he would be no good with a faint hearted cat.

He could work well as an only dog or with dogs that enjoy playing, and with older children.

Bear is handsome and friendly and eager to play and learn. He is an amazing dog and someone will be very very lucky to adopt him…

He is in foster near Bradford. His date of birth is 22/02/19