Setter Cross, 7 Years Old

Baltz is a 7 year old setter cross with a sad story to tell

He’s spent most of his life on a chain. Many people reported his owners and finally he was recently legally taken away from them and given to Tati’s shelter to help.

Tati says he’s changed an incredible amount since he arrived. When she first went to pick him up, he was paralysed with fear and was terrified when she approached him or went to stroke him. At the shelter, he’s so much happier already! He loves to play with the other dogs. He still gets a little bit nervous when people he doesn’t know approach him but Tati says he’s nothing like the dog she picked up.

“He really is coming back to life and I know he will be a truly happy dog ​​when he finds a family that loves him and cares for him that he has never had before!! He’s adorable!!!!”

Baltz needs a cat free home