Brittany, 8 Years Old


Aroa is a tricolour female Brittany 8yrs old

Aroa is a really beautiful girl, gorgeous tricolour markings and a complete sweetheart. She was no longer wanted by her hunter owner near Seville, she was kept in pretty grim conditions (as you will see in the photos) and we were asked to help, thanks to all of you who support us with monthly donations, we were able to say yes. 

Aroa has now arrived at AELA where she is being well looked after. She is a really lovely gentle girl, very calm and so sweet natured. She gets on well with everyone and all dogs, she is very placid and gentle. She really deserves a loving home. 

The shelter say “Aroa is a small Brittany, she is quite calm, very sweet and very obedient, she always responds when called, she doesn’t chew anything up, she is clean in the kennel, she likes to lie on her bed and also to go out to the outside area, with people she is very affectionate and with male and female dogs she is calm and submissive, she is a very well balanced dog.”

Do have a look at her videos 😊

Her date of birth is 15.09.2011.