German Wire-haired Pointer, 18 Months Old

Amapola is a friendly, active, young female GWP. 
Amapola appeared with no microchip in the Toledo part of Spain and some kind people took her in, she then came to the uk in June and now having had a lot of bad luck has ended up in a shelter, we’re really hoping to get her into her forever home as soon as possible. She’s a relatively small GWP, good-natured with dogs and people, she is very confident and is a really determined dog. She is the kind of dog who loves to be given something to do, that can be canine enrichment or some other sort of task. She is a lovely intelligent and active girl and will make a super dog in the right home.

She is extremely affectionate with people, she gets on well with other dogs, she is very confident and loves to play. Her recall training is coming on nicely in enclosed areas. She has a strong prey drive, she also loves tennis balls, a game of fetch or search she adores. She swims like a seal and has a good retrieve, almost to hand. She has been tried on a canicross belt and seemed to thoroughly enjoy running ahead, so may well make a good harness sport dog.

She is food orientated and will search out any food left lying around. She has always lived with other dogs and in their company she does not appear to have any separation anxiety issues and seems to be quite a chilled out dog if left alone for short periods. She is happy to be on her own at night and settles quickly. She is absolutely a wonderful little GWP who has much to give. She needs a house without cats.