German Wire-haired Pointer, 18 Months Old

Amapola was rehomed to the UK a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the resident dog is having a hard time accepting a new dog in the house and so we are looking for a new home for her. She is currently in foster near Bolton.

Her foster family tell us that Amapola is very active and full of fun, a typical young GWP! She has lots of energy and needs someone with time and patience and ideally GWP experience. She loves her walks, is very interested in birds and when she gets home she does not stop but just wants to play and investigate and get into mischief; she is like a big puppy. She is a lovely intelligent girl and will make a super dog in the right home.

Amapola is extremely affectionate with people, a loving and intelligent girl but very strong willed. She gets on well with other dogs and loves to play, she is confident and can be pushy with other dogs. She behaves like an overgrown puppy and has few manners when approaching people or other dogs.

She is house trained but you do have to look out for the signs of her needing to go out, as they are not always obvious. There has never been anything other than a couple of peeing incidents in the house. She also needs a secure and private outside space, for games and digging – she is a prolific hole digger and bone burier!

Her recall training is coming on nicely, but only in enclosed areas. Like a lot of the dogs we help, Amapola has a strong prey drive, particularly for birds, and once she gets a scent she is off and will not listen. She swims like a seal and has a good retrieve, almost to hand. She chases cats and gets excited around livestock in the fields. She has been tried on a canicross belt and seemed to thoroughly enjoy running ahead, so may well make a good harness sport dog.

Amapola is very food orientated and will snatch food if given the chance, and at the moment she is carrying too much weight, although she has trimmed down a little in the last 2 weeks. She has always lived with other dogs and in their company she does not appear to have any separation anxiety issues and seems to be quite a chilled out dog if left alone for short periods. She is happy to be on her own at night and settles immediately. 

She occasionally chews – dog beds, blankets, cushions etc, but this may be attention seeking as she often does this when someone is around.

Amapola is a fearless little thing, she has only shown fear when large farm machinery or cars and trailers travel past whilst out walking.

She is absolutely a wonderful little GWP who has much to give.

This lovely girl appeared with no microchip in the Toledo part of Spain. Some kind people took her in but they can only keep her for another couple of weeks so our contact is hoping to find her another foster home. She’s a relatively small GWP, good-natured, she’s with kids in her foster home and is very good with them. They also have a male Galgo and she’s fine with him. We think she may have been shut in by her previous owners with minimal exercise poor thing since she was quite tubby when she arrived. And for now she is really calm, doesn’t seem to have any prey drive, her foster home have her off the lead, she’s more interested in giving her humans cuddles than running around. We can’t guarantee that she won’t turn into a loon with no recall once in the UK on walks with rabbits, squirrels etc but for now she is a very calm thing