Vimba female 7 year-old GSP/ Viszla Cross

This gorgeous girl (who we think is a GSP/Viszla cross) who has had an awful life appeared on the main road and rescuers watched her weave in and out of high-speed cars in horror until finally, they were able to catch her. She was taken to a man’s house but from there she escaped and they couldn’t find her for 2 days but then did and the poor thing was even skinnier and more worn out. She was in a terrible state – horribly skinny.

She was diagnosed with not one but two of the nasty Southern European diseases, Leishmaniasis and Filariasis (heartworm). She finishes her treatment for Leishmaniasis on the 4th of August and starts her treatment for Filariasis. Luckily they’ve caught her Leishmaniasis very quickly so it hasn’t done any serious damage and when they scanned her heart because of the Filariasis (heartworm) they didnt see any adult worms so it too has been caught in the early stages but she will still need to be treated for a couple of months. A very kind girl is sponsoring her and paying for her to be in kennels and for her treatment, raising funds where she can.

She is incredibly cuddly, adores people, they took her to an event at a school the other day to raise awareness of abandoned dogs and she loved the kids and vice versa. She hates being shut in a run and escapes to try to find people to ask for cuddles. She’s clever and keen to please. She’s great with other dogs but doesn’t put up with any nonsense if they are out of order with her but in a polite way. She would love a home with a family to give her lots and lots of cuddles, she’d be delighted to live with kids and she’s happy to live with calm, quiet dogs.

Vimba has finished her treatment for Leishmaniosis and has tested negative, she now needs 6 monthly blood tests to ensure it doesn’t come back and needs inexpensive pills to ensure it stays at bay the first week of every month and an immune booster two months of every year. We can send this medication over from Spain. She has also finished her heartworm treatment and has the all clear. She is fit and well and ready to travel! Watch a short video of her here.