Success Stories


Alize has healed the hurt we felt after the loss of our beautiful boy. I love her to bits.

Maggie Vizsla


We’re now a retirement home for old hunting dogs & we could not be happier with the three have.

Rowan English Setter


We cannot imagine our lives without him. He is our’ sunshine’, and we love him loads!

Winnie English Setter


Winnie she is a funny, quirky, super affectionate, happy girl that has a huge zest for life.

Elsa and Kami English Setters

Elsa and Kami

Adopting from SeBPRA is so easy, the team are marvellous and all care so much for the dogs.

Mara English Setter


We rescued Mara in 2018 and she is a wonderful dog. We adore her, such a blessing to have her!

Larry English Setter


Larry arrived in February 2016 from Spain, broken and withdrawn and frightened of everything.

Elvis English Setter


Elvis arrived in 2017, after having been in a rescue centre for 3 years. I love him to bits!