Stella female 2-year-old Brittany Cross

This lovely female gundog cross is Stella and she’s nearly 2, we’re not entirely sure what her combination is, we think Brittany cross with possibly some Setter and some Podenco. She weighs 14kg so the size of a Brittany or Springer. Rosa (who appears in the photos) found her abandoned in Badajoz, central Spain, when she went to visit her parents over Christmas. She was in a vineyard where Rosa was walking her dogs, there were some people in the distance and they assumed she was theirs. When they came back 3 hours later she was still there but the people had gone. She was covered in mud and scared but let them catch her.

Rosa took her to the vet and she didn’t have a chip and she asked lots of people in the area but nobody knew who she was. Goodness knows what would have happened to her if Rosa hadn’t been there. Rosa is now fostering her in the north of Spain and she’s doing really well.

She lives with 2 dogs and 2 cats and she’s fine with them all, affectionate with people. She’s calm at home, doesn’t pull on the lead except when she’s somewhere new and excited (they took her to the beach yesterday and she loved it, jumped around, dug holes), playful with other dogs and she’s good in the car. Rosa says she’s a real little sweety. She had a thorn in her ear when they first got her and they removed it when she was spayed. They found that one eardrum was burst from a previous untreated infection. It must have been incredibly painful. The vet says the membrane will grow back in time. Rosa says she’s a real little sweety.