Maggie May (was Katy) arrived in August. She had belonged to a hunter and was used for breeding until she needed an op and the owner decided to have her put to sleep. Thankfully the vet refused and handed her over to rescue. We had lost two older dogs and were left with one female rescue Vizsla who wasn’t happy as an only dog. We hadn’t intended taking on another older dog, but at ten and a half years old, we thought why not, she won’t be any trouble.

We’ve had rescues from abroad from other charities and were very impressed with how Penelope handled the process this time – very thorough on health information and taking the time for a long facetime chat. It was also good to see that SEBPRA use a regular driver who genuinely cares about the dogs he is transporting. 

When we met the transport, Maggie came out of the van with a crazy gurning smile on her face, it seemed like she was desperate to be liked. She settled in very quickly, extremely calm and quiet in the house, very easy to live with but very active and excited out on walks, and loves her food – refreshing with a fussy Vizsla.  Zserbo was quite happy to have a calm strong character in the house again and the two of them became the ‘golden girls’, always acting as a pair, both inside sharing a bed or out flushing pheasants and stalking squirrels.

When Maggie arrived it was obvious from her undersides that she had had numerous litters and a very recent one too. Her coat was very coarse and she had big callouses on her joints, probably from sleeping on hard floors. However when our vet checked her over she said she’s in remarkable condition for a dog of that age – that just proves you shouldn’t rule out taking in an older dog!

We feed raw and after just a few weeks on a good diet her coat improved massively, and is now velvet soft – it’s so satisfying to see how a rescue dogs condition can change so quickly. We have recently taken in another older dog, a 10 year old Vizsla boy. Since his arrival, Maggie has confirmed her position of authority, and put him firmly in his place, no nonsense from him will be tolerated even though he towers above her.  She’s totally saved us the job of training him!

We’re now a retirement home for old hunting dogs and couldn’t be happier with the three we now have.