This is Larry, who came to us in February 2016 from Spain. We were told that he was withdrawn and basically broken, frightened of everything. I remember collecting him and this small bundle was placed in my arms. The man who brought him over from Spain told me he’d never met such a scared little boy before. I sat with him on my lap and cried all the way home, vowing I’d make the rest of his life with us wonderful. It wasn’t easy….

First thing Larry did when we got home was to try to escape from our garden, we had 6 foot fences but he still managed to find a away but luckily my husband was quicker. He spent 3 hours in the freezing garden and had to be herded back into the house where he laid on the sofa and would only move for food and the occasional wee. For 2 days he was like this. On the 3rd day I thought, enough was enough. I picked him up and took him to bed with us. Probably not the best thing to do but I couldn’t leave him alone any longer. From that moment he became my shadow.

He quickly became best friend with Archie, our springer spaniel. Seeing them play in the garden was lovely. He was acting like a happy dog but the next hurdle we had was that he was scared of my husband. Larry would run and hide when Paul came home from work ( he still hides now but only when it’s raining or windy) this carried on for 6 months. Larry showed no aggression would just withdraw into himself. I’d booked a week away with friends and was worried how things would be when I got home. Well… seemed I’d lost my shadow. It was a turning point in Larry life. He’d come to realise that Paul wasn’t anything to be scared of and a bromance was formed, that’s still as strong today as ever.

He’s not perfect, pulls like a train on the lead and only comes back when he wants but to me and others he’s special, there’s not an aggressive bone in his body and I wouldn’t change him for all the world. Would I do it again? In a heart beat. This is Larry…my boy ❤