We found SeBPRA in late 2018, and soon adopted Rowan. Having recently finished volunteer work for a professional body, I had time on my hands and offered my services as a web site designer.

I have lived with animals – dogs, cats, chickens, horses, rabbits – all my life. All of my dogs have been rescued. I have always been deeply upset and perplexed by any form of animal cruelty. Why anyone would mistreat an animal that wants nothing more than to be loved? We have such a bond with dogs, one which stretches back through the millennia. They are more than companions to us and have so much to give and teach us. My dogs have always come to work with me. Pippin, my last Collie, came to yoga classes when I used to teach regularly and loved to go rock climbing with us in the Peak District. Rowan has yet to become a ‘crag puppy’ but we hope that he will enjoy himself as much as Pippin used to!

I actually started learning the building blocks of web design way back in the early 1990s, when the only way you could do it was to write html code! Since then I have designed and published a number of websites. While I do it for work, I also get a great deal of personal reward, as I really enjoy the creative process involved. I am delighted that I can put my skills to good use for SeBPRA. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to reach out to the world, and find loving homes for all the dogs. The only struggle for me, is not wanting to adopt them all myself…..