China female 8 year-old Pointer Cross

In UK foster home

This could be one of the saddest cases I’ve seen so far. China has been in a shelter in Spain for the last few years, the shelter is run by Josefina, the amazing lady in the photo who works full-time to look after between 100 and 200 dogs as a volunteer but she has very limited resources (the local authorities pay her a pittance and with so many dogs she has limited time for each one). China was in a run with other dogs who are nice dogs but really picked on China, whenever she tried to eat, ask for cuddles, go out of her run they’d snap at her. In the end, she didn’t even attempt to leave the kennel area. Once she knows people she becomes very cuddly and affectionate but initially she’s terrified.

China needs a home with one or more friendly, confident dogs, humans with the patience to help her overcome her fears and a secure garden with 6 foot solid fences. You can view a video of China in her foster home here.