Chato male 6 year old Pachon Navarro

Chato is a Pachon Navarro, a traditional Spanish pointer breed, often with an incredible double nose as is the case with Chato. Pachon Navarros are chunky, somebody recently said to me that if most gundogs are like deer, Pachon Navarros are like rhinoceroses! The poor thing ended up in a pound in Jerez in Spain and was really stressed out there. I’d been asked to help him but we didn’t have any free spaces for him. But then a very kind girl offered to pay for him to be at the shelter which meant we could help after all. He travelled up via Asturias and spent the day with Bentley and me before taking him to the shelter.

He bounced into our lives, he has such a huge personality and so much interest in everything and everybody and a huge zest for life. He gets on brilliatly with every other dog, he annoys some because he is so bouncy and Lur, an older dog who I’m fostering, told him off but he took it and there were no hard feelings. He’s great with kids too although would knock over little ones. He was very interested in my cats and would have chased them given a chance but not in a malicious way, in his usual playful, enthusiastic way. It was really hard to take him to the shelter, when I left he gave me such a sad look. I really really hope that he gets a forever home soon. The overall feeling he gives is of a dog who worked hard for his hunter owner and did everything that he could to be a gundog and doesn’t understand why he’s suddenly found himself behind bars. He could live with any other dog if they can cope with his bounciness and bigger kids. He had a couple of mis-shapen nipples (visible in some of the photos) which were removed when he was neutered so they didn’t catch on bushes and hurt him.