Aria, female 8-month-old Galgos

Aria is a boisterous 8 month old pup, mischievous, exuberant and full of energy. She loves all people and all dogs. She is extremely active, she loves to play with other dogs and loves to run. She tends to jump up and pull on the lead and she is strong, so that will need some work, however she is a fast learner and should respond well to training. She will need lots of exercise and training, but will make a wonderful companion. She came across to UK in November and is currently in Cumbria.

Aria was dumped in a village near the shelter we work with in Badajoz. She is the happiest little thing, adores other dogs, super playful, very clumsy, trips over her feet, adores people, great with kids. Galgos are a similar breed to Greyhounds so fast and can be challenging on the recall front. An adopter with relevant experience would be great.